5000k Club

We pay tribute to those who have completed the ultimate Australian adventure!

Trekking the entire length of the Bicentennial National Trail is an incredible achievement.  Whether on foot, with horses or on a bike, the self-reliant distance trekker who completes this epic journey in the spirit of the trail founders belongs to an elite group of people worthy of special recognition. We pay tribute to those who have earned the right to belong to the ‘5000k Club’!

Horse riders who complete the trek may be eligible for membership of the Long Riders’ Guild

(If anyone is missing, please let us know)


Eliza and Zaydee Allen. Entire trail with horse and donkeys.


Kathryn Holzberger and Preston Stroud. Cooktown to Healesville with horses.

kathryn and preston

Vincent Brouillet. On a bike.

Vincent Brouillet

Vincent Brouillet

Carol Geraghty and her sons Ned and Jacob. Healesville to Cooktown, Carol on foot and the boys on horses.

Carol Geraghty and her sons Ned and Jacob

Carol Geraghty and her sons Ned and Jacob


Belinda Ritchie. With horses Clincher, Trump and Rube, Healesville to Cooktown.

Belinda Ritchie

Belinda Ritchie on the road with her horses 2013

Ben Dyer. On foot, Healesville to Cooktown.

Belinda Ritchie and Ben Dyer

Belinda Ritchie and Ben Dyer meet up at Jenolan Caves


Richard Bowles. Ultra marathon runner. First person to run the Bicentennial National Trail, Healesville to Cooktown

Richard Bowles with Colin Kemp

Runner Richard Bowles meets walker Colin Kemp.


Max Watkins. Cooktown to Healesville with donkey Storm.


Roderick MacKenzie. Cooktown to Healesville by bike.


Robert Klei. Cooktown to Healesville on bike.

Christian Strobel. Cooktown to Healesville on bike.


Therese Hanna. Healesville to Cooktown with horses.


Martin Gibson. Cooktown to Healesville with bike.

Dyane Sabourin and Geoff Grundy with daughters Angela and Serena. Cooktown to Healesville with 12 horses.


Troy Skaleskog, Greg Poynter, Matt Bailey. Healesville to Cooktown with bikes.

David Waugh and Rebecca Burtt. Healesville to Cooktown on bikes.

Urs Marquardt and Karin Heitzmann. Cooktown to Healesville on horses.


Ed and Maria Van Zelderen. The first riders both directions  Cooktown to Healesville and back to Cooktown with horses 10,000 km!

Geoff Daniel. Healesville to Cooktown with horses.


Peter Spotswood. Cooktown to Healesville with horses.

Colin Kemp. Cooktown to Healesville. First hiker to complete the Trail.

1994 – 1995

Gabrielle Schenk.  Cooktown to Healesville with horses.

Ian Padgham. Healesville to Cooktown with horses.

Darryl (Doc) Eckley and Robyn Surry. Healesville to Cooktown.

1991 – 1992

Arlene and Sharon Christopherson. First horse riders south to north (Healesville to Cooktown).

Anthony Mair and Melissa Weeks.  Healesville to Cooktown with horses.

1989 – 1990

Sharon Muir Watson and Ken Roberts. First to complete the Bicentennial National Trail, with horses, Cooktown to Healesville. Read of their epic adventue in Colour of Courage.

Sharon and Ken Roberts near Toowoomba

Sharon Muir Watson and Ken Roberts near Toowoomba


It was such an incredible journey following the Guy Fawkes River on horseback. There was a mob of brumbies on every river bend. We found all kinds of creatures at night as the moon gazed above. Croaking frogs, their sticky

Ethan Gordon


We chose to put ourselves under pressure, we chose the timeline, and we chose the trail, but what we didn’t chose were all the challenges that came up every single day but which, over time, we learnt to be grateful

Vicki Saunders


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