Section Six – Blackbutt to the Border


A pleasant mix of forests and farmland, the Trail here follows the foothills of the Great Dividing Range and passes just to the east of Toowoomba. Here the BNT links to the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail. South of Ravensbourne the Trail is mostly along quiet roads which makes it safe for adventurous youngsters. The Trail passes through Killarney before crossing into New South Wales at Cullendore. The higher parts offer magnificent views and a great variety of fauna and flora, particularly in Ravensbourne National Park.

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Temperate – warm summer, cool winter. Southern Queensland enjoys a near-perfect climate that makes this section of the Trail ideal for travel throughout the year. In winter some of the higher parts can be cool with occasional frosts but generally pleasant daytime temperatures can be expected in winter.


None of the Trail through this section is particularly difficult. It passes through a mixture of rough bushland and settled grazing/agricultural areas, and mostly follows along the foothills of the Great Dividing Range but climbs the range just south of Toowoomba and again near the border.


Guidebook is usually sufficient


Usually ample

Planning Considerations

Biosecurity Notice 1 – Leaving the Cattle Tick Declared Zone

If travelling south with pack animals it is a legal requirement that all horses and pack animals be inspected and treated prior to leaving Queensland to prevent the spread of cattle tick. This requirement applies to animals heading south from Queensland into New South Wales as well as animals travelling west of the Trail (eg Toowoomba). Refer to the Guidebook for details or check with Section Coordinators. Information on owner responsibilities can be obtained from the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry website.

Biosecurity Notice 2 – Hendra Virus

Trekkers with horses entering Queensland from New South Wales should seriously consider vaccinating horses against Hendra Virus, if this has not already been done. Additional information on Hendra Virus can be found here.


All traversable by mountain bike and recommended.


It was created with the USA’s 3,500-kilometre Appalachian Trail in mind, but this one, over five million footsteps in length, is the longest in the world. … The Appalachian trail cost more than $95 million; this one just $200,000 in

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It was such an incredible journey following the Guy Fawkes River on horseback. There was a mob of brumbies on every river bend. We found all kinds of creatures at night as the moon gazed above. Croaking frogs, their sticky

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