Section Ten – Jenolan Caves to Kosciusko


The Trail traverses the southern highlands of New South Wales, and the fine wool growing districts. This is an historic area, first settled around 1820. Passing through Taralga and Gundaroo, the BNT follows the equestrian trail system through the Australian Capital Territory around Canberra’s outer suburbs before heading into Namadgi National Park and crossing into Kosciusko National Park. Travel is advised in milder months. Total fire bans often apply January to March. Most of this part of the Trail is suited to horse drawn vehicles.

Location map GB10

Location Map Guidebook 10


Moderate. This section is not remote like much of the Trail. It can be approached with some degree of confidence by inexperienced trekkers.


Cool temperate – mild, warm summer, cold winter. Summers are generally warm and dry with occasional heatwaves in mid-summer. Winter is cold and produces cold gusty winds with occasional sleet and snow that doesn’t make for pleasant travel.


Most this section is suitable for mountain bikes and horsedrawn vehicles.


Edition three guidebooks


Usually ample

Planning Considerations

Most this section is suitable for mountain bikes and horsedrawn vehicles.

Summer heatwaves should not be taken lightly.

TSR Permits

Parts of this section follows travelling stock reserves (TSR). Campsites on TSRs require Permits for overnight stays. See the downloads page for more information.


This entire section has been enjoyed by many cyclists and is considered ideal for mountain bike touring.


We made good time in the rain and following the road. We covered 20km, arriving at Knockwood at 1pm. We travelled the next 10km through the bush to the base of the Lazareni Spur and started the climb at 2pm.

Terry Montgomery


We chose to put ourselves under pressure, we chose the timeline, and we chose the trail, but what we didn’t chose were all the challenges that came up every single day but which, over time, we learnt to be grateful

Vicki Saunders


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