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New member only website section

The Bicentennial Trails now has a new website combined with a user friendly automated members only section.
The new members log in  section allows you access to guide book updates, electronic trekker registration and TSR forms that can be filled in and sent online.

If you became a member or have renewed your membership this year, you can use your email address to connect. The first step is to reset your password here and login. If this does not work, please contact us here.

If you are not a member yet, why not register online? Your membership will be active immediately.

Important Notice

The BNT strongly advises Trekkers and especially animal trekkers NOT TO proceed with any trek on the BNT.
The water and feed situation along the BNT from the southern border of NSW/ACT up the entire trail of NSW and Qld is critical. This advice comers from the local BNT Section Coordinators and the BNT Board. Please adhere this advice, as some water holes are ‘bone dry’. And trekkers should NOT EXPECT land owners and farmers to supply water, when they do not have for their own stock. The BNT implores all of us to be responsible to the needs of those who are doing it ‘darn tough’

Australia’s premier long distance trekking route for the self reliant trekker stretches an incredible 5330 kilometres from Cooktown to Healesville…

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