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Covid – 19 Virus, Restrictions and Trail Closure

In line with both State and Federal Governments’ recommendations and restrictions, the National Trail Board is recommending that you do not use the Trail at this time.  We will not be registering Trekkers and our Trail Coordinators will not be providing support for use of the Trail. From our perspective the Trail is closed until further notice.

Like many other organisations, our response to the unprecedented challenge of the pandemic is designed to help manage health risks and to slow the spread of disease. Specifically, we are taking these steps to protect the health of property owners of sections of the Trail, our Trail coordinators and the rural towns and communities along the Trail. 

We would like to encourage you to use this time to plan your next trekking adventure or shorter journey along the Trail; Guidebooks can be easily purchased via this website.

Australia’s premier long distance trekking route for the self reliant trekker stretches an incredible 5330 kilometres from Cooktown to Healesville…

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