Maps and Trail Descriptions

As we transition from Guidebooks to Maps and Section Trail Descriptions, the full length of the National Trail is covered by one format or the other. By the end of 2022, Maps covering each days travel will be available for the entire Trail.

See Discover the National Trail for general information on each section and updates.

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A note on the sale of Maps

The National Trail is an entirely voluntary organisation and we raise most of our funds through memberships and the sale of guidebooks. Many people assume that we have some form of recurrent government funding or corporate sponsorship – we don’t. Many similar iconic trails are owned and maintained by government agencies. Our situation is different. We do not control the land over which the trail passes, rather we possess the intellectual property which provides the uninterrupted 5330 km trekking route in eastern Australia that is the National Trail. We rely on the good graces of the many land owners and land managers over which the Trail passes – across three states and the ACT and in particular we seek to protect the interests of the private land owners who make their property accessible to long distance trekkers. We do have to restrict the availability of Maps and Trail Descriptions to NT members only, due to our insurance commitments.

We ask that you join the NT to access  this iconic Trail. Some of the benefits of NT membership include access to the Maps and Trail Descriptions and access to the vast network of section coordinators and ‘Trail Angels’ who freely give support and advice to trekkers. In our experience the ‘Trail magic’ that happens along the route is the added bonus that NT members find on their travels.

Each Guidebook costs $30.00

BNEdition 2 GuidebooksT Guidebooks for Queensland

Guidebooks one to six cover the Trail in Queensland.




BNT Guidebooks for New South WalesNew South Wales Guidebook Edition 3 Guidebook

Guidebooks seven to eleven are for travel through New South Wales and the ACT. If you want the ACT – it is covered in  Guidebook 10.






Weekenders provide a taste of life on the Trail. For an overview of each booklet see Weekenders

 Each Weekender costs $7.00




BNT Guidebook for Victoria

Guidebook 12 covers Victoria.   The new Guidebook 12, Edition 3  is now Tom Groggin to Healesville


BNT Map – Poster

Poster sized wall map
Poster sized Wall Map

The wall map costs $10.00

Packhorse Trekking Manual

Packhorse Trekking Manual
Packhorse Trekking Manual

Mike Allen’s Packhorse Trekking Manual contains knowledge from Mike’s horse packing treks, from making pack saddles and gear and from people trekking the BNT. The book’s nine chapters cover

  • Getting Organised
  • Choosing Horses
  • Horse Care
  • Horse Equipment
  • Camping Equipment
  • On the Trail
  • Campcraft
  • Food, Hazards and Safety

Mike Allen’s Packhorse Trekking Manual costs $25.00

BNT Merchandise

Help us celebrate 25 years of the Bicentennial National Trail with a commemorative hat pin / badge

Hat Pin
Anniversary Hat Pin

25th Anniversary Hat Pin / Badges are $10.00 each

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