Section Five – Biggenden to Blackbutt


In this area the Trail is mostly through forests along the coastal ranges. Many of the roads and tracks are the original pioneer routes. The alluvial goldfield just south of Nanango will reward most amateur fossickers, so a gold panning dish is recommended luggage. Introduced red deer may be spotted along with many other species of wildlife and this part of the Trail is well suited to family trips any time of year.

Location map GB5

Location Map Guidebook 5




Sub-tropical – warm humid summer, mild winter. Southern Queensland enjoys a near-perfect climate that makes this section of the Trail ideal for travel throughout the year. In winter some of the higher parts can be cool with occasional frosts and near zero temperatures but generally pleasant daytime temperatures can be expected in winter. Temperatures can be hot in summer. Most of the rain is in the summer months


Not particularly rugged although there are a few climbs which will exercise the lungs.


Guidebook is usually sufficient


Water is generally available at each overnight camp and usually throughout the day from creeks, dams and windmills but some water should be carried, particularly in mid-summer.

Planning Considerations

Relatively populated. Ideal for shorter treks.


Mostly excellent for mountain bikes. Biggenden to Kilkivan the Trail mostly passes through farming land interspersed with Forestry portions so there are many access points at fairly frequent intervals.

There are a couple of steep climbs which are manageable on bikes but heavily loaded bikes may find it difficult. If required, through trekkers can avoid these by detouring along local roads – details in the Guidebook and Trail Updates.


Doc reckons the best tip he received for long distance horse trekking came from Dan Seymour – “never go past a good feed”. It’s a simple tip but one to live by. “If after riding 10 km you come across

Doc Eckerly


… I started giving Smokey light exercise after his rest to get him ready for the Quilty. He was a very tired horse after coming 1,300 miles, but I entered him in the ride to get some publicity for the

Dan Seymour


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