Map & Weather Updates

Two major updates are relevant for Section 4 with urgent information for current trekkers.

Trail notes for the current guidebook map 4.20 currently enters a mine blast zone, this is a life-threatening situation.

If planning to travel along Section 4, please check the section coordinator lists and seek information before joining the trail, to develop an alternate route.

On the guidebook map 4.21, the Burnett River is in flood and uncrossable. Trekkers should contact the section coordinator for assistance through to Mount Perry to avoid both maps 4.20 and 4.21.

The new route for Section 4 will be available in digital version in the next month which will compliment the section maps for 5 thru 10 already released in our store, the new routes will avoid these mining dangers as far as we can foresee.

The impacts of severe weather including heavy storms and flash flooding continues to affect northern NSW and South East Queensland. We strongly recommend any trekkers currently on the trail, in the path of these weather events, consider pausing their travel where appropriate, or seeking up-to-date advice from section coordinators on the trail’s condition. Please monitor the Bureau of Meteorology website for updates, listen to local ABC radio stations for emergency broadcast information, and consider your own safety first. For those planning treks in northern NSW and South East Queensland in the coming weeks, consider delaying your trip, or contact section coordinators for advice on the condition of the trail where you plan to travel. Trekkers currently on the trail seeking advice can email