Travelling Stock Reserve (TSR) Permit – NSW

Much of the route of the BNT through New South Wales follows designated Travelling Stock Reserves. Use of Travelling Stock Reserves and their campsites is controlled by NSW Local Land Service (LLS).  All trekkers intending to use a TSR campsite must obtain a Permit from the relevant LLS. In addition all trekkers must make contact with the relevant NSW Local Land Service at least 48 hours before use. The NSW Local Land Service may refuse approval if all conditions relating to the use of a TSR are not met.

BNT Members

BNT members have access to a streamlined Permit approval process.  BNT Members can complete the TSR Permit Application online

“TRF and TSR” Forms are to be submitted between 4 weeks and one week of commencing your trek

  • Non-members intending to use a TSR campsite on the Bicentennial National Trail must make contact with each relevant NSW Local Land Service to make your own arrangements for Permits.
  • Access to the streamlined Permit approval process is only available to current BNT members.
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